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Dreamerenroute's podcast

Mar 31, 2019

During storms keep your mind steadfast on the Lord. It can be the difference between 8 years and 2 weeks of evolution. 

Feb 11, 2019

Love comes in all shapes, designs and can't be defined by the opinion of others. What is most important, it to learn, grow, allow your Creator to show you your path, and boldly walk into your authenticity. 

Jan 30, 2019

Live your very best life. Take risks. Leave the past behind you.

Oct 20, 2018

One aspect of pain for many of us is our attachment to illusions (lies). Perhaps the most painful illusions are those we have about our relationships (family, friends and partners). When we fall victim to wishful thinking we set ourselves up for disappointment. Unfortunately, illusions is not a place where...

Oct 7, 2018

Episode 2 explores forgiving oneself for past mistakes. Dreamer En Route interviews an individual who has been incarcerated for the past 27 years for murder. At a very young age he was involved in gang violence that resulted in the death of another person. He tells his story and describes the struggle that has taken...